It’s not About Flowers

Flowers serve as the muse and acknowledge reference to a long history in both representational and allegorical painting. Jeni Calvert’s artistic practice is based firmly in the contemporary sublime and explores a narrative responding to the humanitarian effects of war, disease, famine and inequality within the context of the feminine and an emphasis on disordering beauty and perfection. 

Graduating with  a BA Hons in Fine Art and a subsequent career in fashion creating exquisite gowns, her eye for detail, colour, embellishment and perfection eventually produced a dichotomy with her philanthropic background. Attending the  reknowned Newlyn School of Art prompted a re-evaluation of her artistic practise and helped to find context and a visual language that expressed the emotional and difficult subject matter. Jeni developed her painting process to include highly observed representations of flowers contrasted with visceral markmaking, pouring and expressive painting to conceal scenes that nobody wants to bear witness to, a reality that is at once beautiful makes us feel uncomfortable because no matter how we distract ourselves with beauty the truth is always there.